Digital Cable Fault Localizer (DCFL)

Digital Cble Fault Localizer is suitable to locate cable faults of Open Circuit, Short Circuit and Medium/High Resistance Faults in LT & HT, Armored or unarmored od all classes like PVC, PLCC, PILC, XLPE cables etc., either buried underground, wound on a drum orareal. The instrument can also localize cable faults when all the cored of cable are shorted or open. The instrument works on the principle of Potential Comparison Technique (for Open Circuit faults). It is designed & Developed in technique collaboration with Central Power Research Institute (CPRI), Bangalore. The instrument can localize the faults of the cables up to 5 km length. The fault length is calculated in percentage of total length of the cable under test by nothing down readings from cable ends and using in a formula mentioned in operating manual. It can be used for testing from single end as well as from both ends of the cable with an accuracy of ±5% or better.
Technical Specifications Of DCFL

Technical Specifications Of DCFL
Cable Length 5 Km (Max)
Type Of Cables All Types of HT & LT Power Cables
Fault Resistance Upto 1.0 Meg. measured by 1KV Megger