About Us

We are pleased to introduce our full range of electrical testing instruments such as INSULATION TESTERS (MEGGERS) DIGITAL EARTH RESISTANCE TESTERS, ANALOG MULTIMETERS and MICROPROCESSOR BASED CABLE FAULT LOCALIZERS and hope that you will find these models suitable for your requirements.

We have been manufacturing quality instruments since 1976. Our instruments are tested & certified by various National Test Houses and are successfully serving in various State Electricity Boards, Power Stations, Railways, Telecom Services and various other industries.

Our INSULATION TESTERS are available in a wide range from 10 to 10,000 Volts in Auto Range Digital & Analog Models with multiple voltage & insulation ranges. These instruments are light, accurate and easy to operate, have excellent linearity and voltage regulation over the entire range and provided with rechargeable NiMH Cell. The measurement accuracy is ± 1.0%.

We manufacture DIGITAL EARTH RESISTANCE TESTER in Auto , multiple & single ranges with 3 & 4 terminal models with accuracy ±1.0%. Besides testing of effectiveness of Earth connections, four terminal models are also useful for Ground Water investigation and resistivity survey. It can be used as a low resistance Ohm meter with regulation of 1 mili Ohm.

Our Energy Audit Systems & Power Analyzer are to measure Volts, Amp.Cos Ø, KW, KVA, KVAR, frequency & ragister all the three components Energy Ie.KWH, KVAH & KVARH with inbuilt Printer in single phase as well as three phase installations. A Clamp type CT has been provided to monitor loads upto 1000 Amp. without interrupting the circuit with accuracy of ±1.0%.

We are also manufacturing MICROPROCESSOR BASED CABLE FAULT LOCALIZER to test Open Circuit, Short Circuit & Resistive Faults in underground Power Cables of all HT or LT type. No calculations, Formula or Calibration is required for Fault Localization. Non Volatile memory registers all the processed data and shows results in percentage of length after completion of test.

Our ANALOG MULTIMETER is exclusively designed for measurement of Frequency, Power Factor (Cos Ø), AC & DC Voltage & Current & Resistance. It can also evaluate KVA, KW & KVAR, etc. It's AC Ampere range has been raised to 100 Amps. All measuring variables including Ohms can be connected and measured simultaneously. Its accuracy is ±1.5%.